In a matter of 48 hours over the holiday weekend, we were gifted with projects from Erykah Badu, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Lil Bibby Fabolous, and a ton more.

When it seemed like the Black Friday couldn’t get any better, it instantly did. Why? J. Cole and Kendrick liberated two remixes of one another’s tracks seemingly out of nowhere.

With no warning both of them took to Twitter to release the tracks to the masses. Cole tweeted Kendrick’s remix of 2014 Forest Hill Drive track “Tale Of 2 Citiez,” while Kendrick tweeted Cole’s remix of To Pimp A Butterfly’s “Alright.”

The two both flex their lyrical powers on the tracks giving the fans exactly what they have come to expect from the two.

It should be noted that J. Cole opens his track rapping “If I quote it n*gga, I wrote it n*gga. 6 head shots i’ll erode a n*gga.” Does that sound like a shot at Drake? You can be the judge. Also, Cole has a surprise towards the end of his song about dropping in Feburary. Dropping what? Who knows. For now we’ll just enjoy these two tracks. Listen below.

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