A$AP Ferg used the power vested in him by the A$AP Mob to bless Australian super fan Jessica Dawson at her wedding.

It was Dawson’s fiancé, Micheal, who made the whole exchange happen. According to Michael, Jessica listens to A$AP Ferg “basically 24/7” and thought it would be a surprise of a lifetime if the self proclaimed Hood Pope blessed their wedding.

Micheal spoke to Pedestrian TV about making it all happen,

“He was performing in Sydney [at The Hi-Fi, back in May] and I just got in touch with his people to make the request, then they came back and said ‘We’ll arrange for you to put the idea to him and he may say no. He put on a meet-and-greet where people got photos, and the tour manager arranged for me to hang back to ask, then he introduced us and I gave him my spiel. I was so surprised when he said ‘Yeah sure’, he was actually super down with it.”

Complete with explicit language and a huge smile, the only way the Hood Pope knows how, A$AP Ferg blessed Jessica and Micheal’s wedding in the realest way possible. “She was over the moon, she literally couldn’t believe it,” Micheal said. “The language raised a few eyebrows among the older family members who had no idea who he was but amongst our friends it was pretty huge.” Check out the video below.

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