The holidays are here, and people are getting in the spirit early.

A Minnesota couple dropped a $500,000 check into the Salvation Army kettle at a Cub Foods in Rosemount, Minnesota, this past Saturday.

That wasn’t a typo, they donated half a million dollars.

The couple would like to remain anonymous, and hopes that their large donation will encourage others to be generous this holiday season.

The couple was also honoring a family legacy– one of their fathers was a soldier in World War I, and especially enjoyed the Salvation Army Donut Lassies, who brought donuts and coffee to soldiers.

The couple often referred to hard times they suffered before, admitting they often relied on food being thrown away to eat by grocery stores when they were young and money was scarce for them. “You get to a point in life where it’s time to take care of others, the way you were taken care of,” they said.

The Twin Cities Salvation Army says the $500,000 is the largest single donation they’ve ever received.

“We are simply stunned and honored to have received such a generous gift,” says Major Jeff Strickler, Twin Cities Salvation Army commander. “This is a true blessing and it could not come at a better time for The Salvation Army and the people we serve.”

How generous of that couple? There still are nice people out there.

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