The six Baltimore police officers at fault in the negligence, assault and misconduct that resulted in the death of Freddie Gray went to trial Monday, Nov. 3o.

Due to a gag order put in place by Judge Barry Williams the case that first got national attention and resulted in the developing case to go under the radar is now back in headlines. This trial will consist of six separate parts as each officer will be tried one by one. Monday introduced part one featuring Officer William Porter who faces his consequences as being the first one along with the driver who checked on Gray during his transportation and failed to report his medical condition. Porter faces a manslaughter charge which most believe won’t stick as a criminal charge or be moved to a conviction. The executive director of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Inmate Grievance Office in Baltimore, Russell Neverdon asserts the claim in saying, “They are using terms like ‘failure’ and ‘negligence’—terms associated with a civil case, not a criminal case.”

Check out the full video via CNN below that details all the charges and what all occurred in this tragic event as the extensive and tedious trials of each officer unfolds.


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