Future is currently being sued by a concert promoter who claims he lost over $150k when the Atlanta rapper pulled out of a concert. Sources close to Future cite shadiness with the promoter was taking place, and that’s why Future bailed.

In the lawsuit, Robert Caillier says Future’s camp was given a $15k advance to perform a Louisiana show back in 2014, but Future didn’t show up causing the promoter to lose his anticipated $150k profit, as well as the advance.

On the other hand, sources close to Future says he indeed did show up, and even performed a song, but was pulled offstage when his management team realized Callier didn’t have the balance of money owed to Future. The documents didn’t reveal how much Future was owed, but we all recently learned that Future receives $150k, for a 45 minute set.

Callier is suing for $150k and his deposit back.

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