Now is the time to stand up and have a voice and everyone seems to be taking part. More and more icons have taken a platform sparking inspiration during a time that battles detrimental issues. KRS-One sat down with CNN in a dynamic conversation on racism, politics and the state of America. The trailblazer made some bold and lively statements that stray away from the politically correct way to speak on serious topics and simply says it the way we need to hear it, real raw.

The activist feels that our lost one’s like Trayvon Martin, “was our cure for cancer,” and Freddie Gray, “would have come up with something for planes that when they crash they never explode and everybody lives.” He is asserting the notion that the black community and culture are taking huge blows in losing gems who never got the chance to be great and change the world because it was taken from them. It’s 2015 and racism is at an all time high even with a African American President as we still battle the same conditions he came in the game rapping about in 1985-86. Catch his insight and the vivid perspective below.

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