Lupe Fiasco has set his sights back on Kid Cudi dissing him during a show in Milwaukee over the weekend.

Fiasco had this to say to his fans this weekend:

“Make sure that you listen to every rhythm that I be spittin’, unconditionally written. P.S: to all my enemies, you are now forgivin / Except Kid Cudi, cause that’s not my motherf*ckin’ buddy/ If I see him in the streets’, it’s getting’ motherf*ckin’ ugly / Now I know I might be a fan/ me and him share similar shit and you like ‘Damn!’/ But that don’t matter, they gonna be back into the chatter”.

In a YouTube video uploaded from the same show, he announced that he as letting his grudge towards Cudi go. It is unclear which of his comments came first but here is what else he had to say,

“I’ma let that shit with fuckin’ Cudi go. I want you to let go of a grudge, let go of something that’s hanging over your head, yeah? Don’t terrorize yourself thinking about what you wanna do or what somebody has done to you….We got too much bullshit going on on this planet right now to have animosity in out personal spaces, right? Don’t let that shit feed into you, let that shit go.”

At the beginning of the year, Lupe and Cudi got into it over Twitter about Kendrick Lamar’s statement about the death of Micheal Brown. Check out the video’s below.


Source: HipHopDx




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