New evidence suggests that the death of the innocent preteen, Tamir Rice in Cleveland Ohio last year was completely preventable and unwarranted. This is one of many undeserving deaths at the hand of police brutality which is remains at the top of headlines on an unbelievable basis.

Enhanced imaging and surveillance, was released by prosecutors that illustrate over 300 still images transparent video that documents everything before and after this heinous act by Officer Timothy  Loehmann.

Rice’s family went to extended measures standing in the gap against a basis system that tends to protect officers completely at fault. These outside reports were made available to the public on November 28 and presents evidence that the actions taken by Officer Loehmann was utterly irrational and contradicts the earlier claims that Rice was following proper protocol.

According to the New York Times:

In the reports provided by the Rice family’s lawyers, two former high-ranking officials at California law enforcement agencies criticized Officer Loehmann’s decision to fire his weapon and said the loss of life was avoidable.

“The officers engaged in reckless tactical decision making, they unreasonably placed themselves in harm’s way, and Officer Loehmann’s use of deadly force was excessive, objectively unreasonable and inconsistent with generally accepted police practices,” wrote Jeffrey J. Noble, a former deputy police chief in Irvine, Calif., in his report.

Mr. Noble’s report, as well as one written by Roger A. Clark, a former lieutenant in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, reached a conclusion opposite of those previously released by prosecutors. The earlier reports found that Officer Loehmann had reasonably feared for his life and that the split-second decision to shoot Tamir could be justified under the circumstances. Tamir had been carrying a replica gun given to him by a friend.

The video below details more about what this new evidence reveals as Rice’s family hopes to have their experts testify the confirmation of Lohmann’s reckless nature before a grand jury.

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