Ladies, not sure what to get that cool dad this Christmas?  Well, look no further! These Christmas gifts ideas will sure make that special guy in your life happy.

1. IPad Pro: Now, we know what you may be thinking, times is hard and who wants to be spending all that money on something that a laptop can do. Well with the way financing is with phone companies nowadays (even Apple offer it, too) its virtually easy to pay as you go on your phone bill. And if you thinking like me, you can pay it off in full comes tax time!



2: Beats Pill: If  he is true music lover it is best to have the best sound quality out there. The New Beats Pill is just that. An upgrade from the first pill with a new look and greater sound, connecting this Beats Pill to a new IPad Pro is a awesome set up.

blameebro_beats pill


3: AppleTv: The new AppleTv is by far the new wave of TV as we know it. Not to toot my own horn but I pretty much predicted this is how TV would be a few years ago, and now it’s here. The app based format will have dads in awe as they play games, browse shows, and movies.  Plus, it will save y’all a little money on the cable bill (which is a whole different story).



4: Bevel Shave/ Skin Care: Now for the dads who is into grooming and feeling good, the good folks over at Bevel Skin care have the products to help assist the grooming process.





5: Christian Dior Sauvage Fragrance: Along with great skin care, cool dads like to smell good and this fragrance right here is hitting on the money. This scent will definitely be the smell good scent of 2016.



About The Author Jay Raw

Born and raised in the county of Kings.

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