It’s been two years since Paul Walker passed away and, as expected, his loved ones are still deeply mourning the loss of their brother and friend.

One of his well known and closest friends, Tyrese, is no stranger to being vulnerable.  He to Instagram as he embraced his emotions going through his grieving process. The talented entertainer shared a few intimate moments between he and Paul Walker that include a throw back photo of the pair with a very sentimental caption as well as video of Paul sharing the candid love he has for his bro.

Walker’s death came totally out of left field when he attended a car convention and was test driving a Porsche Carrera GT when it hit a row of trees and burst into flames in 2013. In September his daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit and just last week his father filed another against Porshe. Porche as responded with saying that Paul was “a knowledgeable and sophisticated user” and went on the record to say that he, “knowingly and voluntarily assumed all risk, perils and danger in respect to the use of the subject 2005 Carrera GT, that the perils, risk and dangers were open and obvious and known to him.”

Who knows what will come out of this lawsuit as a thorough investigation is underway. On one side the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department is saying that the sports vehicle was going “between 80 and 93 mph at the time the car impacted a power pole and several trees.” However the family’s investigators who have analyzed surveillance video think the car was actually going slower, “at approximately 63 to 71 mph when it suddenly went out of control,” and at impact was going between “40 and 60 mph.” To affirm the lower speed possibility is the fact that the doors on the Porshe lacked adequate welds and reinforcement bars. Instead the doors consisted of materials weaker in strength than what is used in popular mass-market cars. The design and make of those doors were built to be operated on car with speeds much slower than that of speed range for the Carrera GT.  It’s definitely not an easy thing to battle especially when loved ones feel their beloved should still be here but isn’t as a result of hazardous situation that could have been avoided.

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