If you’ve been under a rock the past couple of months you have probably missed the dope covers that Marvel have been recreating for Hip-Hop. Wale, Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, and even DMX are all amongst artists covers that have been remade.

The comic book company hasn’t revealed to many details on the project, but the covers are meant to “pay tribute to iconic albums beloved by comics fans and creators.” Marvel Editor-In-Chief and artist, Axel Alonso, released a ton of covers as stated earlier. Fans of this work will be able to see more, when the book drops on January 6th.

“The hip hop variants were a really special initiative that caught fire in the outside world,” Alonso said while speaking to The New York Times. “We thought this was a great opportunity to highlight that and make it available to fans for free.”

When you see the covers can you tell what album they’re supposed to be? Check the photos out in the gallery.

Photo Gallery





Marvel Comics Ant-Man Hip Hop Variant Cover






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