Kendrick Lamar is having an eventful 2015. Rolling Stone magazine labels the rapper’s latest project To Pimp A Butterfly as best album of the year. The publication conducted a list of the 50 top albums which included Adele’s 25, The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness, and Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in the Top 10. With a great deal of competition on the list Lamar managed to snatch the number 1 spot.

Rolling Stone says,

Musically, lyrically and emotionally, Kendrick Lamar’s third album is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece – a sprawling epic that’s both the year’s most bumptious party music and its most gripping therapy session. A rap superstar at last, after years on the underground grind, Lamar wrestles with the depression and survivor’s guilt that followed his fame and success by turning to heroes from Ralph Ellison and Richard Pryor to Smokey Robinson and Kris Kross to Nelson Mandela and Tupac. He lives large. He contains multitudes.

The pleasures and rewards of To Pimp a Butterfly aren’t easy. Leading the charge to bring live instrumentation back to hip-hop, Lamar and producer Sounwave call forth a sound as ambitious, free-associative and challenging as his rhymes: sci-fi funk on “Wesley’s Theory,” snatches of free jazz on “For Free?,” steady-rolling G-funk on “King Kunta.” Over all this, Lamar – his voice raw or multitracked into its own chorus – interrogates himself and a country where everything from his ancestors to his art has always been for sale. He repeatedly returns to a moment when he found himself alone in a hotel room, distraught and screaming. “I didn’t want to self-destruct,” he says. “So I went running for answers.” The search is never-ending.

The album also came in at number 1 on Complex magazine 50 Best Albums of 2015 list. The album was released earlier this year in March.  With the Grammy’s approaching it’s without a doubt that Lamar will be recognized for his body of work and it is well deserved. Congrats Kendrick!

Source:Rolling Stone

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