Dothan County police department in Alabama is accused of planting drugs and guns on young black men since the 90’s.  The Alabama Justice Project stated that there are documents that a district attorney in Alabama attempted to cover up.  Some of the  men that were convicted are still incarcerated.

The Alabama Justice Project said that the Dothan County police officers that planted drugs and guns are members of a Neoconfederate group that the Southerner Poverty Law Center calls “racial extremists.”  The Dothan Police Department claims that the accusations are false and released a statement to the press.

“In today’s social media driven society, many individuals take what they read on the internet as factual. While I am not in the habit of responding to misinformation published online by bloggers, accusations made concerning the credibility of the men and women of this agency shall not go unanswered.

An attempt has been made to not only discredit me, but the Dothan Police Department; the 20th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office; and past employees of this agency by accusing members of this agency of criminal activity and others of covering up such activity. While the photo-copies of the documents posted online from Mr. Carrol appear to be authentic in nature they are arranged and redacted in a way to promote his agenda. The specific incident he is illustrating involving a former officer was addressed and handled in accordance with applicable laws and department policy when it occurred back in the late 1990’s.

I would also like Mr. Carrol to put his money where his mouth is and provide any evidence he has that police officers have planted evidence on anyone in the past 30 years.”

The group of officers that came forward asked for anonymity and in turn disclosed files from an internal affairs division. Police officers are willing to testify if United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch assigns a prosecutor that is from outside the state of Alabama. The Police officers believe that there is almost a thousand wrongful convictions from the 20th district that are related to the planting of drugs  and weapons.

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