Kid Cudi has seen a ton of changes in music and with that, he’s never been the artist to stay in one lane for too long. He hasn’t rapped wholeheartedly on a project since Indicud, and his latest album is an even further swing in a different direction. After linking with Dot Da Genius to form the group WZRD, he left G.O.O.D. Music soon after and has been on his own path every since. WZRD was a rock experiment that went well, Indicud was a shot in a new direction but still Cudi, and Satellite Flight was an experiment with a whole different array of sounds for the Cleveland native.

Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven is Cudi like we’ve never heard before and 18 tracks of it (plus outtakes on disc 2). The singles that he released were an indication of this new sound, and now that the album is out in its entirety it’s clear Cudi chose this sound for the entire album. If you want to hear Cudi’s latest experiment look no further, as you can stream his 6th album below. Enjoy.


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