I’m not sure if this the publicity Stitches was going for, but for a person like him, he has to get it however he can.

Miami rapper Stitches is notorious for trolling celebs on the Internet. He lied about having sex with Kylie Jenner, and then tried to fight Tyga over it. Now he’s moved on to The Game.
Stitches has trolled The Game on Instragram numerous time and has received the notorious clap back The Game is known for, but Stitches felt like last night was his opportunity to troll The Game In person, since The Game was visiting Miami last night. Stitches had the amazing idea to show up at the club that The Game was partying at, Story.

After posting up outside of the club, Stitches filmed himself spitting on The Game’s car, he was probably mad that he wasn’t allowed inside.
When The Game left Story an hour or so later, he avoided him at all cause, however, his manager Wack 100 handle his light work, and in the words of Smokey, from the classic movie Friday, Stitches GOT KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT!

See all the video clips below.

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