You would think after Stitches received stitches after being knocked out by The Game’s manager Wack 100, he would go bye-bye until this whole thing blew over.
Nah… Not really.

After the knockout heard around the world, Stitches made his Instagram account private, but not before releasing a video taunting The Game even more.

My face is fractured right now I can’t see out one eye . That’s all you could pay them ni**as to do to me hahahahahahabaha. This ain’t nothing . You can shoot me next and I’ll still laugh. At the end of the day everyone knows you were scared to walk up that day . Everyone knows when you were hitting 40 glock ur boys had guns pointed at him. And everyone knows you been knocked out cold 2 times once in the mall and once in France . Show everyone you a Gangsta and let’s step in the ring . A man to man fight . Even if you loose I’ll give you the props for being a man . Let me know the city and time and I’ll be out there pussy. Stop paying people for protection. Anybody who wants to see this tag him. @losangelesconfidential punk hoe. And to all my real fans who rocking wit me I love all y’all . This sh*t don’t make me or break me. And stop paying people to make fake shit up about me. Your gonna be broke by the time I’m dead

Naturally, The Game clapped back in a series of videos and pics. It looks like this isn’t ending anytime soon, check out the video and photos below.

Most important meal of the day & my favorite cereal #HoneyButtStitchesAndOs FlyingOffTheShelvesLikePattyPies

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