A die-hard Kendrick Lamar fan is suing for a meet n greet that never happened, as well as Lamar’s manger attempt of getting $10,000 in cash from her.

According to TMZ, fan Whitney Larken paid $350 for a meet and greet for a recent show, but then reached out to Lamar’s manager, Dave Free, for a 3 minute personal session with the rapper. Larken was then told by Free it would cost $10,000 in cash. Larken was not scared off by the number and continued to inquire for more information, but apparently pestered them so much, they decided not to deal with her all together. The night before the show, she received an email saying she was banned from the show and that her $350 would be refunded.

Larken’s frustrations are not toward Lamar at all, in fact, she considers him “one of the greatest rappers of all time who is on par with Tupac.” Instead, she is upset with Free for causing her “deep sadness” and wants one million to make it go away.

Source: TMZ

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