As news continues to develop on Mendeecees Harris spending the next 8 years behind bars on drug trafficking charges, his wife Yandy is finally speaking out on the matter.  In a new interview with their VH1, she revealed how she plans to get through this trying time with her family and her husband.

“See, you never want to internalize living alone since you got into a commitment with your best friend, the person you want to wake up to every day of your life, for the next sixty years if you’re blessed to do so. So when I was told that I might possibly have to spend one night without my husband—heartbroken is not even the word for it,” Yandy explained.

She also spoke on the element of surprise, which made the jail sentence he had before more tough:

“This will be different from the last time Mendeecees went away. This time I can prepare myself. I can prepare my life. We already started to prepare. I think knowing is half the battle for me. The unexpected is what I really couldn’t deal with and where I had a hard time.”

To watch the couple discussing his jail, check it out below.  Hoping the best for Yandy and Mendeeces.

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