It has been all over the internet that Love & Hip-Hop star Masika Kalysha is pregnant and that it is allegedly Fetty Wap’s baby.

Masika made the announcement during an interview with LA radio station Power 106. When Fetty got wind of this, here is what he had to say:

“B*tches posting pics now the world going crazy, she need a come up I understand that career looking bad [sunglasses emoji].”

Masika then tweeted how she is choosing to take the “higher road”:

“The second I found out…I became a mother. As parents we need to protect our chrildren. There will be no “clapbacks” to any negativity.”

She then took to Instagram and posted a pic with this caption:

“These past six months have been crazy…but I’d do it all over again just to have you baby…my perfect glory…you’re everything I’ve ever done right. My personal connection to the sun. I love you to an extreme I’ve never achieved… Now I know my purpose in life cuz God made you for me [heart] Mommy #6months”

Since then, Fetty’s rep has issued this statement:

“I didn’t see Fetty or a paternity test confirm this allegation. Masika is known for being an industry jump off and her little announcement was calculated.”

It looks like Fetty and his team are not believing this until they have proof. Rumors have been swirling that Masika is doing this to promote her new show, Pregnant and Pumps. Though if it turns out to be Fetty’s child, no one would be all that surprised. Masika and Fetty were definitely hanging out this summer and it looked pretty friendly. We will know for sure in about three months, if not before then.

I wonder how many artist listen to their songs for foreplay. ? new couple alert? #fettywap and #Masika

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