Although lots of Chicago natives felt some type of way about Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq film, others decided to contribute to the movie whether it was in the sound track or staring in the actual movie. R. Kelly & Tink team up to bring generations together to end gun violence in their native home on “Put The Guns Down”.

The track “Put The Guns Down” is a bit more upbeat and dancey as opposed to most songs speaking on the subject. In Tink’s verse she goes on to rap:

“Kids is dying in front of their house / They giving up life, ain’t no hope for them making it out / They 15 buying a .2 / Just to feel more safe when they gotta make it home from school.”

R. Kelly talks about the record saying:

“One man can’t do it by himself. I would hope that I have some type of influence out there on the younger and the older people. As far as violence is concerned period, put the guns down, put the knives down and, most of all, put the hating down. Love is going to get us through all of things we’re going through.”

Stream “Put The Guns Down” below and be sure to cop that Chi-Raq OST now on iTunes.

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