If you are in a serious relationship, this video doesn’t apply to you.

BUT if you are like a lot of people who participated in Black Twitter’s premiere summer-ending event, “Cuffing Season,” we need your opinion.

Here at BlameEbro, we are launching a new series in 2016 called “Talk About It.”  In order to create a dialogue that doesn’t have to include celebrity news, we came up with the idea to have real, unfiltered conversation about what the culture is discussing on social, in person, and across the world.

Though the real series will launch in January, we wanted to put out a teaser in celebration of the holiday season.  In this episode of #TALKABOUTIT, Ebro Darden, Marisa Mendez, and Gia Peppers discuss the various ways you can mess up or improve your cuffing season choice by bringing them home for Christmas.

Would you bring your cuff home to meet the family on Christmas?  Sound off on Twitter -using the hashtag #TALKABOUTIT- or in the comments below.

Check out the conversation, here.

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