“Make sure it matters and make it count” is the motive for an artist from a city that’s not known for showing love. Vibrant rapper and Washington D.C. native Chaz French is living proof of what happens when you put your mind to what you dream of accomplishing.

Chaz, also known as Sir French, is changing the landscape for D.C. artists proving that you don’t have to alter your sound and leave the Capital City to get put on. Following the release of his debut mixtape, Happy Belated, a year ago, These Things Take Time (Dec. 11) is pure progression and and defines the meaning of “anthem.” With its overwhelmingly infectious tone, this body of work is the narrative of an artist whose melodic voice not only raps, but sings to listeners’ souls.

As the tempos change throughout each track, listeners seamlessly find themselves singing, humming, or rapping every hook during their first listen.

Chaz’s emphasis on his beliefs in God, family, and his musical choices are inspired by Kid Cudi.  His strong sense of humility flows from having a praying mother and being a devoted young father. These components showcase his perspective from his life experiences where he’s “seen far more than the usual” and knowing when to “let go and God.” Everyone’s journey is different but still uniquely similar and Chaz speaks to that. This is for every young person in the 25-and-under-crew who feels like at a tender young age they already live one hell of a life and gotta story to tell.


1. “These Things Take Time”- Don’t be crushed if you don’t have it all together right now cus you’re not suppose to. Your twenties is the time to bask in the moment, make mistakes and fall a few times. Note to self: If it’s worth it, it will come. The best things in life don’t come quickly and when it’s real you gotta go through and endure some sh** to get where you going… “I know where I been, but I’m focused on where I’m going, I never gave in cus these things take time.”


  2. “I Remember, How Can I Forget”- Listen young twenty something’s, take a moment of reflection every now and then. From the times that you’re UP and life’s a breeze to the times that you’re DOWN with the walls caving in, take that deep breath you need. Remember all that you’ve already overcome and every good thing currently in your life to stay focused on the brighter days to come. “Make sure you remember everything ain’t what it seems and good times don’t last forever but could last for a life time. Let’s make memories, remember to strive off good energy…”


  #Remember video out now! Link in bio. #TTTT is available everywhere. Go get that. #strugglewhatmadeus #CCCLXVIII   A video posted by Chaz French (@chazfrenchhh) on

3. “Tell Me What I Don’t Know”- During this phase of life all you know is ‘the struggle.’ And true enough you’ve been broke so long, had a dollar and a dream so long it’s got you asking Sway, “Please tell us what we don’t know?” In your twenties they down play your ability, wisdom & experience that speaks louder than your age. At this point you feel so misunderstood but yet so confident in your views… “I done been through it all, I done seen far more than the usual, don’t ever let em tell you what you don’t know.”

4. “Who you gon be? Why you wanna be it? Where you gon go? How you gonna get there?”(the series of questions)- EVERYDAY you wake up and go to sleep asking yourself these questions. Questions quake in our mind with the everyday sh** you got going go with one goal on our mind, to make it! Sometimes you feel aimless and sometimes you feel super focused. It’s all a matter of you asking yourself the right stuff & figuring out how bad you want it. In your twenties you never feel like you even remotely have it all together but you just keep going and pondering the answers along the way.

5. “Let Go and Let God”- Somewhere around your mid-twenties you have this rude awakening where you find out that you don’t control every aspect of your life as you thought. Sadly, you found out the hard way and it’s a daily task learning how to simply let go of what you can’t control. You are now seeing that you’ll never be happy trying to control everything. The time has come to ‘let go and let God’ (universe) handle it while you play your part.

6. “Too good to be true”- It’s all apart of ‘tedious twenties game.’ Many times you find yourself stumbling across something that is too good to be true and so you think by 25 this is the story of your life. Be encouraged to hold on young hopeless romantic, it won’t be the story of your life forever. Stay hopeful and never give up on love. ” We all will make mistakes, I know love will have its days… Well I don’t mind if I spend them all with you.”

7. “Dont Forget About Me”- For those who loves you, those who have invest in you and see your greatest potential their voice rings in your head, “Don’t forget about me.” In your twenties you’re often too self absorbed & focused on the wrong shit unable to see all that you can truly be. However it’s your mother, your parents and loved ones who see it in you. They tell you the truth when you don’t want to hear it and give that tough love when it’s needed. On this vigorous climb to the top remember those times and those people who make you who you are.

8. “It Be Like That Sometimes”- (The INFAMOUS daily saying you recite to your friends) After every situation young men and women alike have become unconsciously programmed to say it. The emotion behind the catch phrase is so transparent– You win some, you lose some… In your twenties you’re constantly discovering how much life always gives a little bit of everything and all reasons you find yourself saying “It be like that sometimes.”

9. “Pull Up”- The shortest and the most popular/cliche question and answer to everything… However ‘PULLLLL UPPPPP’ is the most befitting among the individuals in this age group when it’s flexin’ time. “Are you gon pull up” or “I’m about to pull up,” is subjective to which party you are in the convo. Man, just one question, “Are you gon pull on a n**** …. (inserts appropriate place or appropriate scenario)


#TTTT is out now. Tell a friend to tell friend. #PullUpOnMe #DCgotsomethingtosay #strugglewhatmadeus #CCCLXVIII

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10. “Put Your Mind To It”- This is the most important anthem for any twenty something year-old going after what they want in life. Remember when R.Kelly told you that you could fly, only you were seven years old at the time and easily believed in the impossible. The truth is that the impossible is still and can always be real. It’s only a matter of one thing, YOUR MIND and what you believe. Nobody can dictate that but you… Simple, real, and fundamental… “Put your mind to it.. Anything is possible.”



The youth today don’t have one voice, they have many. The generation of the black sheep is more like the generation of colorful light that’s filled with a bunch of ‘ghetto superstars with cause.’ This is big deal for artistry in D.C. as Chaz is only beginning to prove that his music is boundless. Congrats on These Things Take Time as we anticipate your time is near! #DCrising #DCgotsomethingtosay

And if you haven’t by now, grace your ears on These Things Take Time below.


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