Attorney Scott Rynecki is still shocked the former D.A. never offered up the video evidence to the grand jury on the hearing of a case of assault by an NYPD sergeant on a 14-year-old boy. Rynecki has since filed a $25 million lawsuit on behalf of the teen, Javier Payne.

D.A. Robert Johnson initially cleared Sergeant Eliezer Pabone because the glass window of the hookah bar was previously cracked the NY Daily News reports, however a video has recently surfaced of the May 2014 incident showing a different story of what was previously told (sounds all too familiar).

Although there is no sound attached to the video, Payne allegedly “mouthed off” to the cops as he was standing handcuffed in front of the hookah bar window.

The video, which was provided to the Daily News, shows Sgt. Pabon pacing on the street, then taking several steps backward before he turns and rushes at the youth, who was in the 8th grade at the time, striking him in the upper body with his left arm.

The window exploded upon impact, then the Sergeant is seen trying to corral the doubled-over youth to the ground. The teen underwent four hours in surgery to have the glass removed from his lungs and back.

Rynecki says,

“There’s no question the video shows there was an assault. There was absolutely no justification for the sergeant to lay his hands on that handcuffed 14-year-old boy,”

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