Kat Stacks is a name we [thankfully] haven’t heard in some time, but we suddenly found her coming across our radar this week when she decided to come for Love & Hip-Hop‘s newest star, Cardi B. The former queen of Worldstar was upset that Cardi was attempting to take her “hoe” title that she wears proudly, and even proclaimed that she’s more of a “real hoe” than Cardi will ever be because she actually has 3 prostitution charges in three different states. Such an accolade.

After making headlines for the Cardi shade and for saying that L&HH is fake and she’d turned them down, her rep reached out to Hot 97 to bring her on Ebro In The Morning to clear the air. We were hesitant at first – but it actually ended up being a pretty interesting interview!

During the 22-minute chat, Kat explained that her issue is Cardi trying to glamorize being a “hoe” when there are women who truly risked losing their lives while getting caught up in the prostitution game, herself being one of them. She likened it to Rick Ross claiming a drug-dealing past when he was really a CO, and how people don’t appreciate that either. She also discussed her book (that’s only available online because her ex, WSHH’s owner Q, has blocked it from in-store sales,) an upcoming reality show of her own, how all of her WSHH videos were “fake” and the rappers were “in on it” and more. Check it out in full below!

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