In recent years, battle rap has become much more popular on a mainstream level, and it’s birthed stars like Hollow Da Don, Tsu Surf, Arsonal and more, but longtime fans are still itching to see Jae Millz get back in the ring – especially with Murda Mook, as it’s long been a debate on the winner of their infamous 125th Street battle back in the early 00’s.

Over the summer, Millz responded to the chatter, and took to Instagram proclaiming he wouldn’t bring his jersey out of retirement for any less than $100k. A small exchange with Smack White himself ensued, but not much came out of it. When BlameEbro caught up with Smack a while later, we had to get his take on it! Check out what he had to say below.

Blame Ebro: I saw you and Jae Millz go back and forth on Instagram about a month ago, and he wanted what – $100,000 to get back in the ring right?
Smack White: Yeah.

Do you really think that in this climate in the battle scene, that he’s really worth the money that he’s asking for?
I mean, if we could make it make sense, you know what I’m saying? I never want to put a cap on anybody. I think sky’s the limit when it comes to whatever we love to do in this world, and it just got to make sense economically and business-wise. It gotta make sense.

What factors do you think would need to be in place to have it make sense?
A big check, sponsors and everybody gotta get a ROI. If ain’t no return on investment, ain’t nothing going down.

If it all worked out, who would you want to see him go up against?
I would love to see him go up with any of the new talent, just to see if he still got it! Anybody! I feel like the newer generation has been more active than some of the older cats, so anybody that he feels that he wants to go at, I want to see what he got to see if he still have it.

Do you think him and Murda Mook would still be something worth watching?
I mean, a rematch would definitely be dope, but I wouldn’t want to see that at first. I want to see him come back and battle somebody first, and then we could explore that option if it makes sense after that performance.

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