Kris Jenner plays no games when it comes to the safety of her family, and she has every right. The security guards she blames for putting her family, including grandkids North and Saint West at risk, she decided to let go.

Jenner is definitely not happy about a crazy fan breaking in while Kim and Saint were home, and 24 hours later after the incident they are gone! The cops found a man in the house who literally walked right in and got face-to-face with Kris.

She was obviously angry about the intruder because who wouldn’t be? There are policies to prevent this from happening, including 24 hour cameras and guards, so she doesn’t understand how this could happen. Someone wasn’t doing their job!

Kanye West was just as pissed off, and he ordered his personal security team (off duty cops) — to watch over the family in the meantime. Kim Kardashian and the kids have been staying with Kris since coming home with Saint.

Kanye’s guards are only temporary though, and Kris is sure to have a new team soon.

Source: TMZ

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