On Dec. 15, Nicki Minaj celebrated the one year anniversary of her latest album, The PinkPrint.  Though she’s grateful to her fans for supporting her Grammy nominated album, according to her latest Instagram post, there’s one thing she’s not happy with about the album sales.

The Pinkprint reportedly sold under one million copies worldwide, but Minaj insists the album sales are much higher and only stunted because of “free music” given on streaming platforms like Spotify and more.  “This album is now TRIPLE platinum worldwide (3.3 Million),” Minaj revealed on her personal page.  “We have to wait for a March court date to be credited for tracks & streams.”

It seems a pending landmark music case will determine if streaming totals and other digital downloads will count towards reaching platinum status.

Various factors have changed how music is sold.  We live in a digital age that includes streaming services and digital music stores.  To make things even more confusing, the Billboard 200 chart has expanded how music sales are measured. They now include TEA’s (track equivalent albums) where song purchases are built into LP sales. ”  On Spotify alone, the sales of this album is 1.4 Million worldwide,” Minj also revealed on Instagram.

The emcee then provided a breakdown of how The Pinkprint is triple-platinum in the eyes of the new sale metrics, even if it hasn’t sold a million copies yet.

“Some artists removed their work off Spotify and other services of that nature, but for the ones who did not, we have to be patient for justice in our industry and it finally looks like it’s coming,” Minaj added.

She continued:

“The music business doesn’t really seem designed to reward our culture with the sales and accolades we deserve, as we don’t normally cater to middle America, but I’m so happy that some amazing people have been fighting for us.”

On Twitter, Minaj took aim at people who felt streaming figures shouldn’t count towards album sales and in true Nicki fashion, she didn’t hold back.

Do you agree with Nicki?  Should stream sales count toward the overall sales of an album?  Let us know what you think in the comments, below.

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