Things are getting even more tense between Fetty Wap and Love & Hip-Hop’s Masika Kalysha.

TMZ has reported Fetty’s alleged first reaction to Masika’s pregnancy, as told to them by a source close to the future mother. When Fetty was originally told he asked Masika why she didn’t have an abortion. When Masika responded with she believes abortion is murder, Fetty fired back with ” You obviously don’t believe in condoms either”.

TMZ’s sources also state that Masika claims she was on the pill but Fetty said to her, in a heated text conversation that “I ain’t coming round helping yu none of that I’m lettin yu no now.”

We want to hear your opinion. Is Fetty justified for being this upset? He knew he laid down with no condom and he knew exactly who he was laying down with. It takes two to tango Fetty. Get it together.

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