Sitting courtside can be dangerous, this is fact.

On Thursday night. the wife of Australian Golfer Jason Day, Ellie, learned this fact all to well. LeBron James dived court side to save a ball and things didn’t fair to well for Ellie.

The killer part is this happened with only 4 minutes left in the game. LeBron’s 250 pounds knocked over her chair, and all of that weight landed on her. The game promptly resumed, until everyone realized Ellie wasn’t ok. She was then placed on a stretcher, and carried away wearing a neck brace.

After the Cavs took the win, LeBron spoke to ESPN about the incident, stating, “It wasn’t anything out of the usual besides the injury. But to me, obviously her health is very important, and hopefully she’s doing well. So, you know, I was going for a loose ball. Just trying to keep the possession going, and I hate that that was the end result of it.”

He also sent out a tweet after the game:

We hope Ellie is okay too!

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