Its the holiday season and President Obama is handing out reduced sentences, pardons and student loans relief. First on his list of things to do for this holiday season was to grant nearly $28 million dollars in loan forgiveness for struggling students. Then President Obama reduced the sentences of 95 prisoners and handed out 2 pardons.

About 95 commutations (which happens to be the most ever issued at one time) will benefit nonviolent drug offenders. Most of whom who were jailed for cocaine or marijuana possession and “intent to distribute.” The vast majority of prisoners  sentences will now expire in April 2016, along with more to run out on Dec. 18, 2016.

A pardon completely forgive prisoners of their crimes, they are more rare and less likely to happen. Obama pardoned an Ohio man who was on probation for “making counterfeit obligations” and a Virginia woman sentenced to house arrest for aiding and abetting bank fraud. In a statement Obama said these efforts were part of the bipartisan push to “create a criminal justice system that is more fair, more even-handed, more proportionate, and is smarter about how we reduce crime.”

President Obama term is coming to an end next year and he’s making sure to clean house before he leaves.

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