Yikes…. Walmart is not here for Rick Ross‘ hypotheticals or lyrical wordplay. The retail giant has reportedly pulled Ross’ new album Black Market from all stores (including online,) over a line where he raps about assassinating Donald Trump.

On ‘Free Enterprise’ Rozay said, “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman / Now accept these words as they came from Eminem.” He continued by rapping,“Democratic party sentenced to the pendulum / Killing them, I voted for Andre Benjamin.”

It is true that Eminem did get away with these lyrics back During the peak of his career, but he too suffered his fair share of bans from retailers. Walmart specifically removed some songs from his album to meet protocol, this Ross ban isn’t any different. Walmart is known for being “family friendly.” The retail chain is known for selling edited versions of CDs to stick to their family friendly standards.

According to reports, the line was brought to Walmart‘s attention by video blogger Mark Dice, who says that he petitioned them, as well as iTunes, Amazon and Target. Check out his video and Ross’ response to the ban below.

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