Martin Shkreli was once at the center of our envy because he was the only person outside of the Wu-Tang family who could hear their exclusive album for the next 88 years. That honor came with a hefty two million dollar price. But now seeing the legal trouble Shkreli has landed himself in and with the possibility that we may be able to hear the album sooner than we thought, we are no longer green with envy.

According to TMZ, Shkreli is also the guy who took the AIDS/ cancer medicine from $13.50 to $750 per pop. He is currently under investigation by the Federal Government for $65 million worth in security fraud. If prosecutors determine that the album was bought with the security fraud money, the album could be seized and put up for auction.

Even if the dirty money wasn’t used, if Shkreli is convicted and the judge orders restitution, U.S Marshall’s can still seize it. If the album is seized and auctioned, it will break the non transferable for 88 years agreement that Shkreli made with Wu-Tang.

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