Earlier this summer, Sandra Bland was stopped by state trooper, Brian Encina in a routine traffic stop that led to her arrest. The trooper alleged that Sandra assaulted him, but video from the police dash-cam showed that Encina did not follow basic traffic stop procedures and he was placed on administrative leave. Sandra, however, had a much worse fate.

Sandra was placed in the Waller County jail and 3 days later found dead from an alleged suicidal hanging. Ever since Sandra’s controversial death, her family has been seeking answers. On Monday, December 21st, the grand jury decided they would not indict any person in connection with the death of Sandra Bland. However, the case is still not closed. On January 6th, the grand jury will reconvene to discuss other matters of the case.

Special Prosecutor Darrell Jordan was quoted saying,

There are other issues that the grand jury is still considering and they will take up those issues when we return next month. As for what happened, the details, of course those are all secret and we cannot discuss those.

This process has been extra hard on Sandra’s family. But they won’t stop until justice is served. Sandra’s mother Geneva Reed-Veal said, “Sandra Bland was more than a hashtag and we will continue fighting for justice for her.”

We must never forget Sandra Bland. What do you think happened to her? Comment below.

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Source: Love B. Scott


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