Thee living legend, our modern day Quincy Jones is debuting a mixtapeeee!!!!

Yes it’s sooo true.

No doubt this will be the best gift ever for music lovers around the world. The act of humility that Timbaland, the esteemed musical figure who does NOT have to dumb it down for this generation, has bestowed a mixtape is a gift in itself. Behold, King Stay King dropping Christmas Day! In just three days the 18-track masterpiece will feature epic collaborations from Timbo with the late still great Aaliyah, Yo Gotti, Migos, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Tink, 2 Chainz and Mila J as the lead vocalist on two singles, “Get No Betta,” and “Where You At” also featuring Blaze Serving. It’s never expected what Timbaland will be serving but for sure we can anticipate that it pushes the envelope of sound today. King Stays King is only prep for the genius’s new album Textbook Timbo aiming for release in early 2016.

Check out the full track-list below:

1. “Get No Betta” feat. Timbaland & Mila J (Co-Prod. Kaui)
2. “Shakin” feat. Aaliyah & Timbaland (Co-Prod. Strato)
3. “Dem Jean” feat. Migos (Co-Prod. Milli)
4. “Frenemies” feat. Tink & Syari (Co-Prod. Fade Major)
5. “Tables Turn” feat. Obsessed & Tink (Co-Prod. Fade Major)
6. “Servin” feat. Blaze and Tweezie (Co-Prod. Milli)
7. “Smile on Yo Face” feat. Yo Gotti (Co-Prod. Milli)
8. “Didn’t Do It” feat. Young Thug (Co-Prod. Milli)
9. “Callin and Callin” feat. Young Crazy & Breeze Barker (Co-Prod. Milli)
10. “Where You At?” feat. Blaze Serving (Co-Prod. Milli)
11. “Shawty” feat. Rich Homie Quan (Co-Prod. Milli)
12. “This Me, Fuck It” feat. 2 Chainz (Co-Prod. Milli)
13. “All I See Is You” feat. Sequence
14. “Drama Queen” feat. Tink (Co-Prod. Milli)
15. “Go Ahead (Boo Boo Kitty)” feat. Wedding Crashers, Goldy & Cynthia (Prod. Milli)
16. “Drug Dealer” feat. Rico Richie (Prod. Milli)
17. “You Head It Down” feat. Bankroll & Obsessed (Prod. Milli)
18. “On Tha Way” feat. Meechie



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