Erykah Badu is set on ending this year with a bang.  From recently hosting the Soul Train Awards to releasing her well received mixtape, But You Cain’t Use My Phone,  @Fatbellybella has been the topic of, often, hilarious conversation.

Recently, Erykah filmed an interview in her room or her “Budubotron” and answered questions ranging from her mixtape to her Twitter timeline. She also reveals what inspired her to put her number in the mixtape cover art.

In the interview Badu is quoted saying:

I wanted to give the fans the number, and I didn’t want to just give it to them because I think people love the idea of discovering something. I gave them the clues in the artwork, and in the background is my number.


Watch the video below for the full interview. What do you think of Erykah’s eccentricity? Comment below.


About The Author Erikka

Erikka is a NYC transplant by way of Philadelphia. She's a writer and media personality for The Radio Failed Podcast and has interviewed artists such as Mickey Factz, Dee1, and more!

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