It’s the Nicki Minaj effect. Her albums sell millions, her singles take over charts (sometimes all at the same time), her performances leave you wanting more and not to mention, she’s beautiful.

In a study done by FiveThirtyEight when analyzing Spotify streaming numbers from 2015, they found that on average streams with songs featuring Nicki increased by 172 compared to songs that didn’t feature her. The article compared the Drake effect and the Nicki effect and Drake’s feature increase was 126.

Why do we flock more to a Nicki feature versus a Drake seeing as though he’s popping too? Well according to FiveThirtySix, Nicki is more strategic. She not hop on just anything unlike Drake who has features on the most obscure songs like Rammriddlez “Sweeterman”.

FiveThirtySix also looked into artist top songs that featured a guest and even against those in the top 25% for popularity, Nicki was still 46% more streamed.

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