I thought we left the “I was hacked” excuse (read: lie) in 2011?! C’mon son!

Former Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet made headlines this year when he appeared on the hit MTV show, Catfish. He was a victim of a catfishing incident by a woman in Kentucky. Well, that pie in the face moment wasn’t enough for him, so over the weekend he took to social media (which he claims to hate) and wet off on Stacey Dash.

Prophet in a now-deleted Instagram post, put up a screenshot of a text conversation with a who he claimed was Stacey Dash. The posted made it seem as though the famed actress/news anchor was reaching out to him, and attempting to apologize for aborting their child 7 years ago. Dash has been infamously pro-life, so if this is true, I could understand the scandal

Her son eventually responded in a now-deleted post, calling Prophet a liar. Prophet has since claimed that he was “hacked” in an apologetic post, then eventually deleted that post as well. He never denied that abortion claim, so…. I don’t know what was this all about.

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