A 23-year-old Bahamas man by the name of Alonzo Knowles (Beyoncé would be ashamed) has been busted for hacking into the email account of Power star Naturi Naughton, and trying to peddle the scripts for the show’s next season. She was one of many of his victims, but he got caught when he tried to sell the scripts to a popular radio host, who then outed him to the show’s executive producer. The network (Starz) was then notified, and they reached out to the feds, and an investigation was launched.

According to court documents, the radio host put Knowles in touch with an undercover agent, purporting him to be a man who was interested in buying the scripts. In a FaceTime chat, Knowles showed the undercover the scripts of the show, which had Naturi‘s name on them.

A spokesperson for Starz said the cable company couldn’t comment on any ongoing legal investigation, but added:

“We believe that every entertainment company should vigorously protect its intellectual property from theft and blackmail through every legal avenue at its disposal.”

Source: NY Daily News

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