The end of the year is a time for reflecting– a time to remember the ups and downs of another year gone by. But if you’re on social media, it’s a time to remember all of the times you were lit this year! In that same spirit Instagram launched the #2015bestnine hashtag. This hashtag helps users reflect and share their 9 most liked photos of 2015.

But what’s a little fun without the social media fun police? Slaughterhouse group member, Joe Budden decided to kill the fun and let his followers know just how much their best nine photos of 2015 doesn’t matter.

Joe went in on how people should “post nine goals or lessons learned” instead of pics and how no one cares to see the same “cute” pictures again.

See the post below for Joe’s full grievance. Do you agree with Joe?


Hate to be the voice of reason (again), but if u step outside of your ego & vanity, you’ll quickly see we don’t give a fuck what your 9 best pics of 2015 were. We know we know, u think it’s cute cuz u think you’re cute & idiots all year have told u “you’re cute”… Y’all keep trying to make being cute an accomplishment, it’s not… So if u care about some of the cerebral folk, then let’s see 9 things you’ve learned this year, 9 goals u made & reached, 9 goals for next year, etc… ANYTHING but 9 pics of yo lame ass we’ve already seen but u so thirsty for thirst you’ve managed to bring back them same ass pics lol.. #ThatIsAll #ImJustTalkinShit #IfYouDontKnowImAlwaysJustTalkingShit #MaybeItsMe #YallWontBeHappyTilTheUglyHoesGiveYouNinePicsOfUgly lol

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