I would like to nominate this relationship and the post-break up jabs for the “Leave In 2015” award. Bow Wow hosted a New Year’s Eve party at his home and at one point in the night, the rapper/actor decided to hop on the mic (with a drink in hand – so my guess is he was a smidget inebriated), and dragged his ex-fiancé, Erica Mena.

Bruh… Let that hurt go! His rant came after Erica shaded him earlier this week on Twitter and Snapchat, so I guess he needed to get some things off his chest before 2016 rang in.

“I don’t care about no broads from 2015,” Bow Wow said to the packed house. “ShadeRoom, I know y’all here – don’t ask me about that crazy b*tch! … F*ck them reality shows, n*gga! We done with these reality b*tches, we done with that sh*t!”

Yikes! Well, Erica responded with a now deleted Instagram post about moving on, but then responded with a series of tweets.

… And the endless circle of subilminals continues. Check out the videos of Bow Wow’s rant and the rest of Erica’s response below.

#ShadMoss throwing shade at #EricaMena ? #NewYears #2016

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Pt. 2 #ShadMoss throwing shade at #EricaMena ?

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