Chris Brown started 2016 in the news for the one thing you didn’t want him in the news for. He’s currently in the center of a battery investigation after a woman claims the singer punched her in the face.

The alleged victim, named Liziane Gutierrez, spoke to TMZ and said she was at a private party hosted by Brown at the Palms Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning. She claims the phone went undetected by security and Brown attacked her after she snapped a picture of him. She also claims that he snatched her cell phone. She’s accusing Brown of punching her once in her right eye.

Guitierrez says she left the party and called the cops a few hours later, but was not taken to the hospital. Law enforcement tells us they’re currently investigating the incident and Chris is the suspect.

Sources have told TMZ that Brown plans to file a lawsuit against Gutierrez for defamation as early as Monday morning. Brown posted a video and then deleted a video slamming the woman’s accusations, then posted a picture saying that he’s cutting off people in the new year and will sue anyone falsely accusing him.

There’s a video floating around of the woman being upset at Jason Derulo for curving her (nope, that’s not a typo). Something isn’t clean about this situation. I hope it all comes to the light soon.

#PressPlay: #ChrisBrown is petty as hell for this one ???

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Her reply:

Source: TMZ, The Shade Room

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