After a year of the free album on TIDAL, delayed album, two meh mixtapes and several lawsuits, it seems like Birdman and Lil Wayne are mending their torn relationship In 2016.

In December 2014, Wayne revealed that there were money issues within the camp and it was delaying the release of his next album, Tha Carter V. In early 2015, it was revealed that Birdman allegedly had a potential plot to have Wayne killed. Wayne’s tour bus was shot and a man affiliated with Young Thug (who has had his personal beef with Wayne,) was charged and sentence (that was a mouth full, whew!).

Mack Maine shared photos from Drake’s NYE concert (who was also rumored to have friction with the YMCMB,) showing Birdman and Wayne hanging out together.

“Happy New Year ya heard me!!!” Mack wrote. “Yea that’s Stunna yea that’s Tune yea that’s 2Chainz yea that Hood yea that’s T@ yea that’s Mack yea 2 da yea love 2 da love!!!! #FamilyLiveAtDrakePartyHePerformingRightNow”

So, with this new picture out here, is it safe to say Tha Carter 5 is coming in 2016?

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