Beyoncé wants respect from the film industry and she plans on doing so with her next project. It was already reported that Beyoncé is now back in the remake of “A Star Is Born” (she pulled out when Clint Eastwood was the director). Now she has plans on writing and starring in her own movie about Saartjie Baartman, a South African woman who was displayed in London freak shows during the 1800s and nicknamed “Hottentot Venus” because of her large behind.

According to The Sun, Beyoncé has hired a slew of acting coaches and writers to help bring Baartman’s story to life. Most notably, Baartman was involved in a court case where she felt forced to exhibit her body against her will and she tried to get her freedom from the freak show. She lost the case.

Sources say Beyoncé wants to be taken seriously as an actress and has her eyes set on an Oscar. She believes that writing a screenplay and taking on the leading role will allow her to gain the respect she feels she deserves from the film industry. Sources also note she’s been doing a lot of research through books on Baartman, and wants to make sure she tells her story the right way.

It hasn’t announced when the movie will drop.

Source: The Sun

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