Donald Trump released his first television campaign ad and if you thought for one second he would give up on the idea of a Muslim ban in the U.S after all the backlash he received, you thought wrong. Instead be funded an advertisement which not only included his proposed ban on Muslims but his plan to combat immigration by having the Mexican government build a wall between their countries and ours.

In other non shocking news, Trump didn’t take any shots at fellow Republican rivals but instead decided to include faded images of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the opening of his ad as well as photos of the devastating San Bernardino attack implying that the tragic event took place on their watch. In the ad, he promised to “cut the head off of ISIS and take their oil.” How diplomatic Donald. Threats like that will for sure get ISIS off our back.

News outlets have reported that Trump has vowed to spend around $2 million a week on these sort of campaign ads.

Check out the video below.

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