Saved by the Bell actress Lark Voorhies got herself caught up again and this time it was via Instagram where she not only called herself schooling us on the term “African American” and why she doesn’t consider herself black.

In a Instagram post over the weekend, Voorhies had this to say:

“No, I am not black. I am American! I was born in America. I was not born in Africa, therefore I am not african. Africans are not african-americans! LV”

Then she took to another post to explain herself further:

“Typical Media/America #Brainwashing the innocent and naive. Last time I checked, and correct me if I’m wrong, but black is the color of a crayon, & a tire. I am neither of those! I am of brown decent. The politicly INcorrect term, african-american is a total misnomer. I technically cannot be split into 2 continents with no specific nation to claim. I’m indigenous to the land that “they” stole and renamed America. #ImNotBlack #ImNotAfricanAmerican Were you guys aware, that Jesse Jackson coined the term African American?? $$$ #TheMoreYouKnow. LV”


She also put up this photo about her thoughts on Bill Cosby. It has since then been deleted and has uploaded another photo with the explanation that her account was hacked. Though it was reported that her account has been hacked in the past, Voorhies publicly announced that she suffers from a mental illness. That could also explain her race rant next to a selfie of her with her skin tone noticeably lighter than it has ever been before. Check out her posts below.


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