Scott Storch’s resume in the industry speaks for itself and naturally, there are people rooting for his come back and still investing in his epic talent as the once “go-to” producer.

Storch is now making headlines from being sued by two men, Brad Cohen and Seth Cohen, who gave him a huge advance in an attempt to cultivate his come back. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the men are suing him on the grounds that his drug use has resurfaced and therefore Storch has breached his contract and the negotiations they had worked out before.

The timeline of events began when the two men believed that Storch was ready to regain his clout as a notable producer industry to the point that an investment would turn out to be more than worth it and make the three of them money. Brad and Seth who accustomed wealth through insurance and real estate put one million dollars into the revival of his career as well as a weekly salary, a Rolls- Royce Ghost and rental house in Parkland Florida.

Now they want back on their invest after claims that Storch is in fact back on drugs. This forfeits the contract because he has failed to meet his end of the deal by simply staying clean while working hard on his music. The two have stated, “he is back to his old his old ways and is not someone to trust with any monies.”

In mid December the Cohen’s made the discovery and demanded for the vehicle to be returned and thus the parties fell out of good standing with each other now leading to this sticky lawsuit. Storch and his lawyer deny any hand to the validity and clarity to this business agreement as the lines of the terms, conditions and facts are blurred.

Overall the Cohen’s are looking to get back what they heavily dished along the lines of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and unjust enrichment— blind sided by such an outcome they didn’t anticipate was coming.

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