14 Year Old Molly O’Malia Holds A Press Confrence And Tyga Responds

Tyga has landed himself in pre-teen drama once again.

About a month ago, DM’s between Tyga and 14 year-old Molly O’ Malia shared screenshoots of DM’s that were between her and Tyga. The DM’s have proved to be real and not photoshopped in any fashion. The screenshots made their way through every social media airway possible and the story even landed itself on the cover of OK! Magazine with some embellishments added to obviously sell the story.

Only a portion of the DM’s were ever made public and they read as follows:


Famed lawyer Gloria Allred signed on to represent Molly to go against the allegations alleged in OK! Magazine. They held a press conference in NYC along with Molly’s mother. You can watch the press conference below. Also, we can note that Molly is an aspiring model and singer. Peep the performance below.

If you don’t have time to watch the press conference, in short, Molly says that Tyga texted her “relentlessly” and she became increasingly uncomfortable at his multiple times at Facetime her. During the press conference, there as no talk of the lawsuit against OK! which was the original reason her seeking representation. OK! never mentioned Molly by name so her coming public via press conference is a bit puzzling.

Tyga has responded saying that he reached out to Molly but it was purely about music. Molly also told Tyga she was 17. Here is what TMZ is reporting:

Tyga’s manager Anthony Martini tells TMZ the rapper reached out to 14-year-old Molly O’Malia after his team found out she had a pretty strong musical following online and thought she might be a candidate for a Last Kings Records project…his record label. Tyga claims it was strictly business and completely PG. As for her age- according to text messages obtained by TMZ…Molly mentions she is 17. The manager says in back and forth Tyga specifically asked her to send him some music, adding things never got “uncomfortable” as she claimed. The rep says Tyga wanted to FaceTime Molly to talk business and see her sing….as he sat in the studio with his producers.

This whole story is strange. People will do anything for fame but honestly, you never know. Check out the “evidence” and draw your own conclusions.

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