Future has been putting Ciara on blast these last couple days, saying that she doesn’t allow him to see their son, baby Future, and that he pays $15k a month in child support (claims she quickly shot down.) Word is that what triggered Future’s public display was Ciara ruining the Christmas plans he had for his son.

According to TMZ, Future had a huge Christmas dinner planned for his whole family and all four of his children. Ciara reportedly initially agreed to it, but as the holiday time drew closer, all communication with her stopped and he never got to see his son.

It is also said that Ciara and Future haven’t been communicating directly in over a year. They have been communicating indirectly through family members.

A source close to Ciara told E! News that she respects Future as a father but that’s about it. She is happy with current boyfriend Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

While it is all well and good that Ciara found love, Wilson is not baby Future’s biological father so it doesn’t matter how happy she is with him. The actual father, Future, is around and he deserves to be a equal part in his sons life. Though we, the public, have no idea of the intimate details of what happened between the two for the situation to get so ugly, the only person losing in this situation is baby Future.

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