In addition to being great at music, Pusha T, just like the GOOD Music leader Kanye West, also excels in fashion.

In a recent interview with the NY Times, Pusha gave us a inside look into his closet and reveled his five favorite looks. His go to jean is the slim fit Saint Laurent jeans in which he owns a color for every occasion. His go to jacket is a floral print with a  navy base by London brand, By Walid. When it comes to t-shirts, his go to is simple mostly from American designer John Elliot. His go to shoes would be his own of course. He has been sporting his own Adidas EQT Black Market “King Push” kicks made with premium black leather. Last but not least, accessories. Pusha has a love for Rolexes, he owns a total of 13. His favorite is the Day-Date President II that only has diamonds on the dial. He feels as though the watch is understated but makes a strong statement at the same time.

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