New York City lawmakers have introduced a new bill that protects caretakers from losing their jobs when they have to take off to take care of their children. Stemming from a case in Washington D.C., where a mother was fired for having to take three months off work for going on bed rest due to pregnancy complications.

The city of New York recognizes that when workers have flexibility for their families, both parties will benefit. For example, this new law could take the worry away from a mother who has to take extra time off to care for her child and herself or a man who works full time but also has to care for his elderly father and has to take off of work to take him to his necessary appointments.

The law defines caregivers as “a person who provides direct and ongoing care for a minor child or care recipient.” This bill is begging geared heavily toward the progression of women’s rights in the workplace. Women make up an estimated 66% of caregivers. This new law will protect the rights of people who spend time caring for their loved ones without the fear of losing their jobs.

The bill is awaiting the signature of Mayor Bill de Blasio and after he signs it, that stress of potential loss of job is one important stress the caregivers of NYC can leave in 2015.


Source: Upworthy

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